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Ron Gallo: Blues, noise, and Sinatra

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A portion of rehearsal on time, and that’s always in. Although: the do Ron Gallo in Philadelphia what dishonour to him, without more in the garage to stop.

So he started to make his appearance in the Elevator with a cover of Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Somethin’ stupid’, and titles like ” All the punks are domesticated’ to betray someone who has a story they want to tell. In his white salopette saw he looks like a gevelschilder that just came bijklussen. And after a daring cover, this time of Des’rose ‘You gotta be’, he took out a pcb above in a kind of Dutch and his band – the word “keyboard” is apparently not self-evident to English speakers. Simpatico!

In songs like “Kill the medicine man’, ‘Always difference’ and ‘Young lady, you’re scaring me” (another title as a story) was the balance between blues and noise quite well, and ‘Young lady…’ starred also with a melodic, energetic bass line. Think about: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Gallo also has a few vocal tics borrowed from the late Lux Interior of The Cramps.

Keyboard player looking for role

But halfway through, there was also a dip where the noise took over: geram better go rams. Gallo has long performed with only bass and drums, and yet not long added keyboard player was barely audible above that leading the band: that they should maybe revisit it.

But well, there was also space for the yoga-chant ‘Ohm’, accompanied by electric guitar. Ron Gallo has plenty of quirky ideas to make us curious to keep.

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