’Poorest president in the world’ refuses to retire

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Montevideo – he was Once ” the poorest president in the world’ and also after his resignation as a senator this week is the no pot of fat. José Mujica refuses, namely a pension for the five years that he was in the senate was after a similar period as president of Uruguay.

Jose Mujica drives prefer to be on his tractor than in a limo.

The former left-wing rebel had no need for luxury. As president, he drew not in the presidential palace, but he remained with his wife and medeguerrilla on his modest bloemenboerderij in the suburbs of Montevideo life. The majority of his salary donated he to good causes and he was also in a very old blue beetle drive.

The car became so famous that someone is there ever a million dollar opportunity. Also that bid, he laid down beside her with the note “that my driebenige dog anywhere else transported in it, it wants to be.”


Mujica gave as a reason for his departure from the senate at “that I’m tired after a long journey.” The 83-year-old by his political enemies is not very missed. They would rather a sigh of relief. Mujica was known for his sharp tongue. About the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, he said: “That is as crazy as a goat.”

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