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Oscar and the Wolf: the wolf doesn’t bite, he seduces

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Oscar and the Wolf had to skeptics to prove that they are the biggest venues to handle and that they have their hits not tired of hearing. Just up the alley of Max now its possible to go, as it turned out.

“There is a wolf spotted in Limburg’, began Luc Jansen and the public that the joke saw coming whimpered a bit,” this is horny, he glittert and is called Oscar.’. A leisurely Lux, old gabber: now its possible to go but, to his boots, chaps, and garter can be seen just back from a full day’s work in the fetisjwinkel, or the garnaalvisserij.

After the passage of N. E. R. D. were big holes for the big stage struck. The girls at the front did their best with their screams to be sealed, but Oscar and the Wolf stood nevertheless for a challenge. What seemed to be a stage large and empty, for which three figures on drums, bass and keys.

But wait, instead of that to cover up, they put the extra in the paint through the white and chic to dress up as a vliegtuigterminal. And the instrumental intro, with the bombast of Jean-Michel Jarre but much cooler sounds, reinforced that impression. No one was next now its possible to go look then that is a dominant feature in the middle rose, under the three large mirrors with lights, ghetto-blingbril on the nose. This could be very well be, we thought. It is not the fault of now its possible to go that lingering beats and lazy vocals a whole bazart of followers have generated in the Flemish pop – that proves just how sexy his sound is.

He took the time for ‘You’re mine’, which began with a long cinematic intro, where careful, slow beats were introduced, to the final should explode. A drietrapsraket of an opener, and confetti from all the guns. Both ‘Exotic’ and ‘So real’, we heard cool technotoetsjes and synths that the songs new and fresh were sound, while ‘The game’ then again floated on an equally classic as the dark piano.

Now its possible to go still fascinating to watch, turned pirouetten and kicked in the air during ‘So real’, and ended ‘Joaquim’ pathetically on his knees. It is often the (unfulfilled) desire in his songs, watched and viewed, and songs like ‘Undress’ or ‘Princes’ are hits because he has been translated in a way that a string touches. The cheering after that last number blééf take. Now its possible to go himself was a little dazed from so much love, could be his role of a cool hipster just not stop and swallowed a large head of lettuce away. We think that than touching, see.

What a beautiful finale. Some gas is returned with a stripped-down ‘Breathing’ – the lover of the English language continues to think ” you don’t take it seriousLY’, Max, not ‘serious’ – and then a familiepak Ibizabeats for ‘On fire’ and ‘Fever’.

The holes in the front were completely filled. It is no shame to start for less people, but a victory with a full and happy dancing home to finish, because a festival audience agrees with his feet. Oscar and the Wolf has a second concert in the Sportpaleis in his calendar for this fall, and has already ensured that you their old hits with new ears will hear.

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