Nigel Farage renews fight for hard brexit: ‘I’m back’

75fc01c25189fdd88bbc44111f74e0f9 - Nigel Farage renews fight for hard brexit: ‘I'm back’

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the eurosceptic party Ukip, has been appointed vice-chairman of the brexit movement Leave Means a Leave. He is determined to battle for a hard brexit to renew, said Farage Saturday.

In The Daily Telegraph, said Farage that he is the plan of prime minister Theresa May wants to thwart. She wants to be with her proposal to close commercial ties with the EU, but that is according to Farage ‘fraudulent’.

The plan of May is a ‘cowardly betrayal’ and the United Kingdom will prevent ‘the control over the borders, the fishing rights to retake ” or ” at the global level to trade’, says Farage.

Farage will actively participate in the following campaign of Leave Means a Leave. There are meetings and a bus tour through the United Kingdom planned.

“During the past months, and especially since the betrayal of Chequers (the residence of the prime minister, where the British vision on the brexit on the point was taken, ed.) have many people me on the street approached me to ask when I return, ” he explained. “I’m back.’

Shortly after the referendum on 23 June 2016, when for a British exit from the EU was voted, got one on as chairman of Ukip. He thought when his political goal to have achieved.

The plan of Chequers, which was proposed in July, provides for the establishment of a free trade area for goods and agricultural products between the United Kingdom and the EU. Also, the plan provides that the regulation of London and Brussels in those domains on a single line remains. Brussels rejected the plan. Also names two heavyweights in the British government resigned because they plan too weak: minister of Brexit David Davis and minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson.

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