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NERD: Four football teams on the podium

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What’s the coolest part of Europe?’, wanted Pharrell Williams know the Pukkelpoppubliek. ‘The free movement of persons!’, we wanted to call back. But the NERD frontman clearly had something else in mind.

‘Belgium’, we had, of course, answers. All a zillion times that he asked the question. Williams is, to say the least, a special front man. He worked the show off with a big grill in the mouth that, to him, what did lispelen – he was just babble about the ‘Belgian shpirit’ in the ‘shircle pit’. But for a caricature it was, did a short medley of choruses. ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ Snoop Dogg, ‘Apeshit’ by Beyoncé and ‘Alright’ by Kendrick Lamar. As if to say: don’t doubt my genius, because I have them all produced.

Already in ” Deep down body thirst’, the youngest NERD-album, were some of the girls with a band-sweater from the audience lifted to dinner to dancing. That collection would in the course of the action, only to swell. And that was a good thing, because the weakest element of this show was Pharrell himself. In the second half, and padded over he is only still on the stage, in the last quarter of a lap, also his voice there in. But meanwhile, played his live band classics such as ‘She wants to move’, ‘Everbody Nose’ and a nasty ‘Rockstar’ and provided six dancers stage of the necessary gebuitel, jumping and getwerk.

And now we get something oncools say for a music festival: that was actually great. Mette Towley, the inimitable star dancer from the clip of ‘Lemon’ was a feast for the eye. The joy with which the on the stage lifted fans rondstuiterden and in the dialogue accompanied the dancers was contagious. This was not a concert, but a party – one where we each time want to go could go.

At the end we counted about four football teams to fans on the stage, but the best thing was the when Williams, an elongated danceoff had with a very enthusiastic, high-grown lad from the audience, and him, to his own surprise, the microphone gave. ‘Holy shit, it’s working, rapte the boy flawlessly the text of ‘1000’. And whether he was right.

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