Merkel spawns Putin and wants to role Ukraine

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BERLIN – Russian president Vladimir Putin sees Germany as a ’leading partner’. Last year was the trade between the two countries, with 22 percent to 43 billion euros, said Putin on Saturday for his meeting with chancellor Angela Merkel. The two had to be in Slot Meseberg in Berlin, an uneasy but strong band defend which was caused by a gas line that is more sensitive is in the rest of the EU, and for which Merkel must justify. She started a small charm offensive to Ukraine, which Putin is not a fan.

’Frau Merkel’ in an informal setting chosen for a drink with Putin.

The German-Russian relations have been tense since Russia in 2014, the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea annexed and military aid to separatists in Eastern Ukraine. As a result, many bilateral contacts, suspended and shrunk the market considerably as a result of EU sanctions.

At the same time Germany international, and especially within the EU, a lot of criticism because it is at macro-economic level rather ’close’ with Russia: the two countries have their fate linked together with Nord Stream 2, a gas pipe which, according to critics, the Ukraine offside turn.

The gasdeal has been for some time a topic of discussion, but the USA are the pressure on Merkel and Putin. Nord Stream 2 was again the main subject of discussion at the summit.

Merkel: give Ukraine a role

Some experts say that Europe, and Merkel is the Ukrainian project ’of that land is still something to do’ now fully ’specified’. Now Ukraine as a major transit route of gas, making the international something in the porridge to crumble.

With the European press in mind, Merkel said that Ukraine has a role to continue to play as a transit country – presumably with less large quantities – and suggested that the EU, Ukraine and Russia about the conversations went.

Putin suggested there be a comment from. “I want to emphasize that the Ukrainian route is almost a tradition for us, should make sense on an economic level,” said Putin. Then he repeated the German adage: “Nord Stream 2 is purely an economic project.”

The two will give a press conference.

Pressure from the U.S.

Behind the scenes enter the US pressure on Germany. The eentweetje with Russia is politically impossible to explain, America, that has it’s own agenda, with the large amounts of shale gas that Europe is a welcome market.

President Trump set last year in Warsaw its weight behind the Three Seas Initiative, in which twelve Eastern European countries together with the USA alternative to the German-Russian axis to form with American liquefied gas, of course.

Syria and Eastern Ukraine

In addition to gas, spoke to Putin, and Merkel about the situation in Eastern Ukraine. They will have a possible UN peacekeeping mission for Eastern Ukraine to explore. Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined the joint responsibility of Germany and Russia for solving international crises such as in Ukraine, but also Syria. Merkel is willing to work with Putin working on it, ” she said.

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