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Maribou State: They were there, what orphaned at

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‘Sounds like fun’, found a few guys that just got the booklet from Pukkelpop aloud had read in the Castello. No, Maribou State has not the large jars are broken where they are with their debut Portraits three years back claim thought.

Has the what with the limited charisma of the British electronic duo of Chris Davids and Liam Ivory? They were there, some orphaned, and some graslengtes furthermore, the shaman, J. ” on the Main Stage, quickly around the black-witgestreepte pajamas wrapped. It could, therefore, also, we realized after we had some Maribou States set the direction of the main stage walked.

A little too often -auwch-

It also didn’t help that the two were mostly with sampled voices jongleerde. When guest vocalist her lazy voice, ‘Steal’, and ‘The clown’ did blow, and gave the songs a bit more soul. But we thought nevertheless, especially something to often – auwch – a saaiige loungeversie of Caribou, or a still donzeriger alter ego of Bonobo. Maybe it also had with the hour, later in the evening had this gently seductive funk jam better get caught.

There were congas waterskiing, tambourines, a guitar, and a tight meppende drummer, because Maribou State wants his electronics like a heart. But the synthetic bass lines remained cool to the touch, and it looked all a bit too wrinkle-free for your own ticker on hollow. Next month, their new album, against than we are this set might have already forgotten about.

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