Life sentence for shooter airport Florida

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MIAMI – The 28-year-old ex-military man Esteban Santiago in 2017, five people doodschoot at the airport of Fort Lauderdale and six others wounded, the rest of his life to spend in prison. A judge in Miami sentenced him Friday to five times life and six times twenty years.

Santiago, an Iraq veteran, opened on January 6, 2017 with a gun opened fire on the passengers in the cleanliness, size of the airport. When his balls was, he gave himself over to security guards.

During the trial, who more than a year, has lasted, well known Santiago guilt on all charges. Thus prevented, he that him the death penalty would be imposed.

Two months before the shooting had Santiago against FBI agents said that he voices heard and that the CIA is his mind affected. He underwent a psychological examination and had his weapon to hand. When nothing was found, he got that back.

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