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KV Oostende points, KV Kortrijk, the moral winner

a4af212459ac48322b4db3a636bb6b84 - KV Oostende points, KV Kortrijk, the moral winner

The good news for Oostende and debutantcoach Gert Verheyen: 6 to 12 is a good start. The good news for Kortrijk, 1 on 12: it did, after another quick still in strong position are smooth game of last season back. The late equalizer was oververdiend but one minute later, a handsome boogbal of Bjelica for Ostend profit.

Two new goalkeepers in the Guldensporenstadion. At Ostend the debut of Ondoa instead of Dutoit, no security in the back of the last match. The Kameroenees now gets three games to take his chance, said Verheyen advance. And in Kortrijk replaced Bruzzese the injured Kaminski, that was no surprise. Top scorer Teddy Chevalier on the bench. There were already a source of friction with the Frenchman, and wanted to coach Glen De Boeck last week no names, Chevalier was one of those whom he is after Club Brugge (3-0) a lack of commitment blamed. The Book is the confrontation with the grumpy Kortrijk scrunchie so not out of the way.

Kortrijk, 1 at 9, started, however, already limp and seemed to be after yet no ten minutes for the third time already this season against an early deficit. The third corner of Ostend was touch. Bruzzese parried the header of Guri but the rebound could Milosevic finish (0-1).

It took another fifteen minutes for Kortrijk of the opdoffer could repair it, but a headbutt from Mboyo, under the lat weggetikt by Ondoa, was the go-ahead from Kortrijks preponderance.

Suddenly showed the team to the CHAMBER of commerce of last season but narrowly PO1 missed. The better playmaking, fast bewegingsvoetbal… Oostende lost every line in his game and had all the way back. There were also opportunities, but the delicious afstandschot of Stojanovic, replacement of Chevalier, glanced off the cross and Mboyo was a foot deficit to a sharp submit of D’haene in purpose to deviëren.

Stunning goal Bjelica

After the rest the same spelbeeld: Kortrijk hustle and bustle more and more visitors away, it was becoming a siege. KVO drew, however, a double wall, and held after the change Rasjel-Nkaka, only Guri in the front. The home team pressed and pressed but hit there but not by, could only use a couple of long shots for potential hazards.

Until on the 80th minute however, the oververdiende equalizer fell – Stojanovic headed home a perfect cross from D’haene dry beyond Ondoa.

Deep sigh of relief at the home team but not a minute later was followed by a cold shower of vengeance, when Bjelica just Bruzzese with a perfectly placed boogbal surprised (1-2). That earned Kortrijk not just a last desperate offensive, resulted in nothing more: the heavy shot of Ouali ended up on the pole, and Lepoint missed from close still a giant kopbalkans. Just had Rolland also has a second yellow card caught – nothing was the CHAMBER of commerce saved. The deeply disappointed Guys must now go to the best performance of the season, a mediocre KVO to the 6 on 12.

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