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K1d: A hernia bounce

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“I don’t want to see boring shit happening’, carried the voice of K1ds iPhone us for his set in the Dance Hall. And so handle Badara Niassa, such as the 26-year-old rapper from Sint-Niklaas, really hot, are not particularly numerous audience from second one to the neck skin and let them loose.

The former hypeman of the other Saint-Niklazenaar Woodie Smalls has this year put on the map with the beautiful ep’s High hopes , and Peter Pan Syndrome. Thereupon he proves himself to be very versatile, thriving in lazy trapbeats à la Future and Migos, but mostly in melodic pop which he and his wistful singing voice Drake to the crown protrudes.

But K1d is a child of his time and so turnde he, like many of his young collegarappers live the volume up. Are beatleverancier dropped pitch-dark beats and rattling electronics while K1d we are continually asked for our motherfucking hands in the air to cross. ‘Netflixxx’ and ‘Gossip’ were in the tent disguised as splinterbommetjes, the young pups bouncete a hernia.

Hasselt, z’American

Just seemed ‘Hesselt!’, as he as an American on a visit spoke in Atlanta to lie – it can also be the Houston of Travis Scott been there we want from. Yep, K1d can with his raps as the Puddle about. Said he is the reason why each and every word of his bindteksten in English? . Only sounded the what more when he asked who’s from Antwerp, and who was from Ghent.

Well, K1d worked up a sweat to pleasen – shit, now we do it ourselves. Three lucky ones were allowed to the stage to K1ds sign of water on the heated audience to throw. Funny, but we had pity for the girl, the Doors-shirt that her bottle is not at the critical moment, turned up.

Even a moshpit

While his beatbakker the gun bovenhaalde, crack K1d the crowd and open hand the moshpit to go driving. So do you so, Moses. There was numbed, be bounced and gecrowdsurft that it is a nature. Oh, rap is the new rock‘n ‘ roll, right?

K1d snoeft all agree that he’s better rapping than Kanye. Before that, he must first get some cereal to eat, but, hey, without high hopes get you nowhere. Was Boring it wasn’t.

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