Jury trial-Manafort, there is not yet out

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ALEXANDRIA – The jury in the trial of Paul Manafort, a former campaigner Donald Trump, after two days of deliberation is not yet a judgment to come. The members have requested the court to Friday at 17.00 pm (local time) to stop with the judging because of a social obligation of one of the members of the jury.

Paul Manafort.

Judge T. S. Ellis decided Friday afternoon that the jury is on Monday, should report in the court in the place of Alexandria, in the state of Virginia.

Manafort is more bank – and tax evasion and the non-submission of information about his foreign bank accounts charged. Manafort denied guilt on all eighteen points of the indictment.

President Trump spoke Friday afternoon in the garden of the White House, and his disgust over the lawsuit against his former campaign manager: “Sad. A sad day for our country. Manafort is a very good person,” said Trump. He would not elaborate on the question of whether a presidential pardon for the crimes and, should it come to a conviction of Manafort.

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