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Jordan Rakei: A smeltkaasje of soul

f756d99070e9de663b18b2befcba9f6d - Jordan Rakei: A smeltkaasje of soul

This to London, a great guy from New Zealand is known as the new soulsensatie. You also would be able to see if a student in the school of the two Jamie’s: Lidell and Living.

Just as those two makes Jordan Rakei white soul which he pays tribute to the Afro-American roots, but he also new – mainly electronic – additions processed. The opposite therefore of what Jamie Lidell on these festival grounds three years ago: that turned as resolutely back to the roots, with a seasoned, all-black soulband in his wake.

No showman

A showman as Lidell is Rakei not, and we suspect that he will not soon be. He describes himself as laidback and introspective, and those traits he doorgesijpelen in his music. The Kiwi with the satin soulstem however the complex rhythms, and his contemplative songs schurkten sometimes more to experimental jazz than straight-rechtane soul. In addition, he showed how broad his musical palette by referring to afrobeat – the drummer sat down behind the congas, Rakei squeezed an African tinted riffje from his guitar and reggae.

Sounds like an eclectic mix? That was it, but that mix wérkte. In the front rows was the soft soulsmeltkaas that Rakei-sized, with a lot of taste, interested. Further in the back of the tent, carried away his babble to the music. Which is a pity. Later when he grows up, Jordan Rakei such a festivaltent fixed completely for him. First a little bit extra charisma to grow.

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