Hundreds of tegenbetogers in Berlin for the annual neonazimars

5e4b775118a46be21dc8436259037f4a - Hundreds of tegenbetogers in Berlin for the annual neonazimars

The annual mars where German neo-nazis the death of Rudolf Hess commemoration, has hundreds of tegenbetogers lured. ‘No place for nazis’ about ‘Spandau remains nazivrij’ to even ‘grannies against the right ” fell into the crowd to read. Eventually the march was in the Berlin district of Spandau cancelled.

Annual troops nazis together on the occasion of the death of Rudolf Hess on 17 August 1987 self-commited suicide in the Spandau prisons. Parties, trade unions, churches and various initiatives had called for a counteraction.

The extreme right-wing organizers were expecting before the start, some 500 participants. But the police ultimately reported that the organizers of the event cancelled. The neo-nazis announced a second session to a second place, in the east of the city. The turnout was very low, it took about 50 attendees.

The police, however, had 2.300 men in the leg. They had a confrontation between the two groups avoid.

Deputy of Hitler

Last year, for the commemoration of thirty years after the death of Hess, hundreds of neo-nazis down. They had not, however, beyond the blockages of the tegenbetogers. For the largest tegenbetoging were Saturday 4.000 participants announced.

Hess was the deputy of Hitler, until he left in 1941 to Scotland, flew to peace and to negotiate and there nabbed. After the war he was tried.

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