GroenLinks wants asielschepen to Amsterdam get

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Amsterdam – UPDATE 16:50, A plan of Green to the ports of the capital city wide open for the next African asielschip can direct to considerable criticism count.

If the GroenLinks Amsterdam is located, is the next ship with refugees from Africa to Amsterdam.

Annabel Nanninga of Forum for Democracy (three seats in the city council) calls in a first response is ’madness’. Other parties also see the plan all the way.

The biggest party of Amsterdam writes Friday in Faith that they no longer just want to watch the asielcrisis. Councillor Tirza de Fockert: “As EU member states they still refuse access, they are a bit Green regarding welcome in the port of Amsterdam. Also if the Dutch government or the EU they want to refuse.”

Nanninga of FVD the plan mentions in a response of “madness”. “Shortage of homes, police, teachers, care, no supervision on radicalisation, and GroenLinks wants the current illegal immigrants (including terrorists) to Amsterdam?”


GroenLinks thinks that Amsterdam is the example to follow of a handful of European cities under the name of Fearless Cities also vluchtelingenschepen welcome “now there is in the European member states, a conservative and populist wind is blowing.”

“Let the ideals of Fearless Cities in the practice by the next ship that refugees from the Mediterranean Sea rescues to join in Amsterdam.”

Second Member of parliament of GroenLinks Nevin Ozutok calls the proposal of her party members in Amsterdam ’inspiring’.

City council

Diederik Boomsma of the christian democrats in the Amsterdam city council calls it a merciful plea of the Tirzah the Focktert, but, he says: “The reality is full of tragic side effects. In fact, it affects the proposal of GroenLinks-politician and the willingness of people to make a journey in a rickety boat to undertake. Then you are actually human traffickers to facilitate.”

“Captain to contribute to the business model of traffickers. No, you have to be extremely careful in this kind of very complicated issues. We go as Amsterdam is not just the problem of asylum fix. That therein can independently operate, is a stupid idea.”

National matter

Moreover, also In that asylum policy is a national matter. “Amsterdam has no other laws and rules than the rest of the Netherlands. We should try to get the facilitator to fight.”

There should be according to the CDA’a European solution for the refugees. “What Party wants, would be contrary to European agreements. We should not signal that those who a very dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to take here, however, even be rewarded with relief and later, perhaps, a social housing and a benefit. In a sense, it is emotional blackmail.”

Angela Merkel

“You can cert that misuse will be made. Chancellor Angela Merkel has a couple of years ago said – “We buy das’ that led to a massive influx that the country with many problems opzadelde. That here we should not want to.”

Chairman Eric van der Burg of the liberal party indicates that the Amsterdam coalition, it is not yet in a position to her main desire, permanent care arrangements for asylum-seekers, this year. “So this letter sedates the conscience of Green, but it won’t solve anything.”

The tweet from Annabel Nanninga, that about two hundred likes received:

Also Geert Wilders has responded, he post on Twitter a video of the ’Party boat’

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