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“Give me just a beat, man I’ll do the rest’

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In one hand a micro, in the other a folded blindenstok, so enter Gleb (21) the karaoke of the Petit Bazar. What he wants to sing? “Give me just a beat, man I’ll do the rest’, he throws to the presenter. Instantly a crowd pleaser. A few meters further, Karolien (31) him lustily to encourage. And that while they each other for at most a few hours to know.

The Genereuzen, an initiative of Heart for the disabled, brought them together today. Gleb is almost blind, he sees only vague light from dark, but definitely wanted Pukkelpop even discover. ‘ …

The Genereuzen, an initiative of Heart for the disabled, brought them together today. Gleb is almost blind, he sees only vague light from dark, but definitely wanted Pukkelpop even discover. “Even though I need help, no one my age wants to do this with his parents.’ So could you Gleb in the run-up to Pukkelpop found on the website of the Genereuzen, together with Dieter (24), a friend who suffers from kokerzicht and night blindness. Karolien and her friend Pieter (34) signed in and took them home for their day out.

Woman on the arm

“We have been going 15 years to festivals,” says Karolien, ” but this is a very different experience. Those first minutes with them on the meadow, we were stunned. Each small step you need to for them to see and report. That was a bit of a search, but it’s fine now. But something else also to get used to is that we are continuously in the Boiler sit’, she laughs. “Those men are crazy bass, not normal. They dance their soul out of their body. And so to the very last beat to continue, eh.’ Gleb and Dieter’m not complaining about the company that they are in the arm and beaten – ’wise people, very chill and funny’, although had they both advance a single requirement. Their festivalmaatje had to be absolutely a woman. For the perception. With a man arm in arm walking across the meadow painting them in their eyes still just a little bit more as needing. A woman, well, that would just as well their love. With Anaïs, the additional company of Pieter and Karolien, the men still at their beck and call also.

Underrated talents

How Pieter and Karolien at the Genereuzen ended? With a little help from her employer, Durabrik. In exchange for their social contribution, they received from the company with their festival ticket. With eight colleagues, they now are Coming to five people to accompany.

People with and without disabilities in a natural environment together and the perception of change, there is the Genereuzen to do, because there apron something with how we people with a disability look. “People underestimate us,” says Gleb. “In the past, I was told that I was never ordinary education would be able to handle. I have then six year trade finished and now wants to start with sme management. So, don’t look at my disability, but to my talents.’ Ten minutes later, a flooding, Petit Bazar that to heart. Gleb sees for a hundred men are likely to own work. While he raps, it is the big mouth of the Petit Bazar are equally open. That kid can really be something. “I told you so,” says Karolien. In the car on the way to Kiewit had them all to his music and listened. “I think it’s really good. And certainly when you see how the audience packing.’ The presenter concludes: ‘Gleb may not see, but he can see what a great audience you are.’ There is what afgeluld in the Petit Bazar”, but that last was now touching and sincere.

The concern remains

‘You should not go to the toilet?’, ask Karolien. Suddenly falls the awareness back. How very festivalmaatjes also friendly with each other, the caring factor. And that with someone you barely know. “I think that’s kind of too bad,” says Karolien. “We have always been in the scouts before, so we can places. All take the men a moment to Gleb and Dieter go to the restroom.’ If they had a sequel to Pukkelpop will be knitting? “We are going to anyway even agree, I think. The are so warm and beautiful people.’ That he next year will otherwise become Tomorrowland’d like to visit, throws Gleb already laughing. Karolien port back: ‘Tomorrowland? Is a karaokefestival not something for you?”

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