Erdogan wants to operations in neighboring countries to expand

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ISTANBUL – Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants the cross-border operations of the Turkish army into Iraq and Syria to expand. He will,the source of the threat” to his country draining. That said Erdogan on Saturday during the partijconferentie of his islamic conservative AK party in Ankara.

Erdogan wants the operations of the Turkish army to expand

This notice can have the crisis with the U.S. worsen. In the North of Syria by America-backed fighters and Turkish troops facing each other. Washington supports there, Kurdish groups, that great successes were booked against the Islamic State. They control an area for hundreds of kilometres along the border.

Turkey sees the units under the leadership of the YPG-group at the border, however, as a Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdish workers Party PKK. Two times it is all the northwest of Syria invaded with pro-Turkish rebels and conquered the Kurdish territory, such as, for example, in the region of Afrin.

Ankara is also in conflict with the Kurds in Iraq. Turkish soldiers are active in Northern Iraq, where the PKK withdraws. In september last year, the Northern Iraqi Kurds with overwhelming majority in a referendum for independence from the rest of the country. Just as the Iraqi government in Baghdad rejects Turkey as an independent Kurdish state.

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