Erdogan throws fuel to the fire: Turkey extends military operation in neighbouring countries from

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Turkey will not surrender to the United States, said the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday at the congress of his conservative party AKP. By the conflict between the U.S. and Turkey plunged the Turkish lira down. At the party congress suggested to Erdogan that Turkey’s military operation in neighbouring Iraq and Syria, wants to expand, which in Washington is also not in a good earth will fall.

‘We will not surrender to those who introduce themselves as our strategic partner, while they do their best to make us a strategic target,’ says Erdogan. ‘Some think us to be able to threaten the economy, the sanctions, exchange rates, interest rates and inflation. We have your intrigue to the day and days of you.’

Ankara and Washington, allies in NATO, to create a diplomatic crisis. The house arrest of an American pastor in Turkey is the focal point of the conflict. The USA demands his release.

That Erdogan the Turkish military operation in Iraq and Syria, wants to expand, threatening the crisis, only even more on the striker to float. In the north of Syria supports Washington Kurdish fighters, who are great successes in the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) have been booked. Turkey considers the units, under the leadership of the group YPG (Volksbeschermingseenheden), at the Turkish border as the Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ Party (PKK).

“We are committed to making the threats against our country, particularly from Syria and Turkey, at any price at the source to remove”, said Erdogan at the party congress, where changes to the leadership of the party will be implemented. The reshuffle is a preparation for the local elections of march next year. Erdogan is expected to be re-elected as chairman of the party.

Ankara has been two years in the military in the north of Syria, to the expansion of the YPG to counter. The Turkish army carried out the last months of the air strikes on bases of the PKK in the north of Iraq.

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