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Confidence Man: A Vengaboy, and a cool bitch

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We saw in this year’s edition of Pukkelpop already a few bands that, rather than just himself, a genuine act opvoerden. The members of the Superorganism hung the indifferent internet weirdo’s from, the man-vrouwduo Sofi Tukker became dance instructors and Max now its possible to go played, as usual for the silly droomjongen (of which we suspect that it is an exaggerated version of himself).

Especially in the man-vrouwduo’s called that approach, memories of the nineties. With his false blonde hair and toned body Sugar Bones, the male half of the Confidence Man, does not look out of place between the Vengaboys. His female companion, Janet Planet incarnated again a bitchy version of the archetype of the ‘Valley girl’, known from the movie ‘Clueless’ (you remember the character Cher Horowitz likely) or from the title of a song that Frank Zappa ever with his daughter Moon was recorded. ‘Valley girls’ are living in California, rich, superficial and self-centered. Exactly that attitude knew Janet Planet on a hilarious manner.

Musically, it drew heavily on Confidence Man, often from the same keg: dynamic beats, catchy choruses – ‘C. O. O. L.’ had the ‘Y. M. C. A.’ of the nineties – and funky baslijntjes. Janet Planets voice was the whole time too far back in the sound mix. But that bother all not be, because the kostuumwissels, the choreografietjes and the swinging groove of this Aussies made that anyone with a silly grin on his face was shaken.

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