Chinese president goes to North Korea

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SHANGHAI – Chinese president Xi Jinping will be next month at the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un’s visit to Pyongyang for the celebration to attend the seventieth anniversary of the founding of North Korea. Reports that the Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times.

President Xi Jinping.

It will be the first visit of the Chinese leader to the North Korean capital since in 2012 he is in power. Xi’s predecessor, Their Jintao visited in 2005 as the last Chinese president to the neighbor.

The Straits Times, wrote not how the information about the visit. The Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs did not immediately respond. North Korea celebrates the birthday on 9 september.

China is the main trading partner of North Korea. Kim has China this year up to now visited three times, where he and Xi spoke about the improvement of the cooperation between the two countries and economic reforms.

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