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Cercle Brugge remain unbeaten

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Who would have thought? Newcomer of the Club the B team of AS Monaco after four days still unbeaten and with 8 to 12 virtual on the third place. But, and that they will freely confess, with a bit of luck, because first flaterde Bossut and after the Waregemse equalizer be Vertenten a little too fast into the corner after a dive of De Belder. Bruno gave the green-black of on the dot the second thuiszege.

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A nice starting point for the kick-off of this West-Flemish derby. With 5 to 9 were of the Club and Zulte Waregem nicely side by side in the ranking. Essevee with a doelpuntensaldo of plus four, Club with a plus one. All began in the match of the second match against Lokeren, when the green-black at the end with 3-2 had won. The uitmatchen on Stayen and Sclessin ended each time at 0-0.

Mercier on the bank, De Belder and Bongiovanni start

Against Standard had the Club can even win with a good chance for Bongiovanni in the end. The mercenary was still for the rest should raids for the to the shoulder injured Tormin, yesterday as a precaution on the bank began. The real debuutmatch of Adrien Bongiovanni so , not on the flank but his favourite place at position ten. The front should also Dylan De Belder for the first time start at the Club in 1A. Xavier Mercier, last week a couple of times absent on training, and moved to the sofa, where also the Japanese Ueda had to take place. Back turned, Taravel and Omar back.

Zulte Waregem had last week, never in overdrive switch to Eupen with a 4-0 knocking and modified only at one position. Necessity for Baudry turned out ill, the Swiss Bürki took his place. On the sofa sat the two new strikers Bedia and Sylla. Yes, Essevee bathed once again in the offensive wealth.

Green-black block

It took until the half hour before Zulte Waregem and really could be dangerous, two times top scorer Harboui but Nardi saved each time. The visitors took the ball on, but it turned out again that it is difficult to play football against the Monegasque Club of Laurent Guyot. The features are already four weeks in a row the same: a good block and switch where possible. A stationary phase made this time, however, for the revolution. Bruno headlined the corner of Bongiovanni, Sammy Bossut handle the ball but solved that incomprehensible. Omolo hesitated not a second to put the rebound over the line to push. A blunder of Bossut, which, incidentally, is in top form at this competition was started.

Waregem had 56% more possession than the solid block playing Cercle, where Omolo for the rest again dominated the midfield. Dury intervened and brought the light to The Others there mid-off for newcomer Sylla, who immediately had to apply with a shot but Nardi saved things. Essevee continued in the second half, initially, difficult to have to continue. Cercle remained good tackle but Lusamba and The Belder played it bad. Then did Hamdi Harbaoui on the other side so much better. Of value of gold continues to he, the Tunisian striker. Strong was how he modeldoelpunt scored by the perfect cross from the left Demir powerful to heads.

Vertenten gives light penalty

1-1 and Essevee had the taste of it. The hustle and bustle of the Club back in their own half and Nardi had the best out of themselves by getting the header of Derijck ticking over. It is still early in the season and the refs are still looking for their best level. Certainly Bart Vertenten, that a few controversial decisions, and a little too fast at the dot be when He gladly falls in a duel with Demir. Gianni Bruno put the penalty flawlessly to. Now it was the Club that started pressing and the stadium behind him. Dury threw with Bedia another attacker in.

The best chance on the counter was for Cercle but the breakthrough Mercier missed eye-to-eye with Bossut. Yet it was still 3-1. As this season is already more happened swallowed Essevee yet again a goal in the added time. Cercle counterde again sharp and on indicate of Lusamba scored Bruno a second time.

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