Bomb of American manufacture used in airstrike in Yemen

50834f902c8100e2ec82b7c30db7cc5e - Bomb of American manufacture used in airstrike in Yemen

The bomb that last week with a raid on a school bus in Yemen was used is of American manufacture. The bomb was sold by the united states to Saudi Arabia in the framework of an arms deal between the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Washington and Saudi Arabia. That have munitions experts reported on CNN. The attack left 51 people their lives, among whom were forty children.

The air raid in the north of Yemen has been attributed to the coalition, under the leadership of neighbouring Saudi Arabia operates in Yemen. On images of fragments of the bomb, filmed just after the attack on 9 August, is to see that it is a ‘Mark 82’ bomb. That is a laser-guided precisiebom from manufacturer Lockheed Martin, say the experts at CNN.

Former president Barack Obama had the sale of guided bombs to Riyadh is forbidden after a similar airstrike in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, where at the end of 2016 140 fatalities fell. But the current president, Donald Trump screwed that penalty after his arrival in 2017 back.

According to the last balance sheet of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) claimed the attack 51 victims, including 40 children, and 79 wounded. The injured are 56 children.

In poverty-stricken Yemen raging since 2015 a bloody civil war, that more than 10,000 people it has killed and 22 million inhabitants of emergency aid dependent. The government forces can count on air support from the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, while the shiite Houthi rebels to receive support from its arch-enemy Iran.

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