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Bazart: nail biting until september

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Who will follow in september, but the hyperpopulaire trio – also now we saw people with white, high built Bazart-socks on the whey run – limited the number of voorsmaakjes to three, including the new single ‘Grip’. That is less new material than they are more than a year and a half ago in the Lotto Arena played, but good: there were, however, more and more Belgian bands that this Pukkelpop edition regarded as a last lap of honour for a grijsgedraaide plate.


Maybe it was also that getting used to it, that the audience on automatic pilot through the set seemed to be cruising. Yes, ‘Night’ and ‘Lux’ were word-for-word sung, and by the Koortsdroom’ – still the best text from Terryns pen flowed – waved, the audience is almost an arm loose. But the joyous ecstasy that we have previously experienced at Bazart came only when Terryn everything out of the closet drew: when he is in ‘Chaos’ in the mass of outstretched arms threw, or when he’s with ‘Gold’ as on the roof of the geluidstoren climbed. That is called working for your money. But if Terryn is already such a danger should dare to response weeks, should Bazart next time a hot air balloon charter.

Nail biting until september

Or just the new album dropping, of course. ‘Grip’ goes on the more danceable way that smashed was with The Subs remix of ‘Voodoo’, and Symons, and Nuytten curled there summer falsetten around it. ‘Intro’ has perhaps the toegankelijkste chorus that the band ongoing since ‘Gold’ – in the eyes of the fans shone boybandlichtjes. Only ‘Among us’, with even a guest appearance for the Dutch songwriter Eefje de Visser, seemed to roderen. Terryn points out longer with her knutselteksten in English, but between their voices clicked the live not yet. Or do we want, as Terryn in ‘Lux’ sing, just ‘always too much’? If so, is that because the band raise the bar themselves. And now nail biting until september.

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