Administrator bridge Genoa attracts half a billion for reconstruction

67c8a7cc8b1118cd9d7574d8708284a0 - Administrator bridge Genoa attracts half a billion for reconstruction

The management company of the bridge that Tuesday in the Italian Genoa has collapsed, has already 500 million ready to help the town and the bridge re-build. Autostrade per l’italia provides a new bridge within eight months, once the permits are issued, according to CEO Giovanni Castellucci. He promised aid to the relatives of the victims and people who’s houses will be evacuated near the bridge.

‘By the sum, we arrive quickly to a half a billion euros’, says Castellucci, during a press conference. ‘Funds from Monday will be available.’

In that amount is a fund of millions of euros’ for the relatives of the victims, but also a fund of ” tens of millions of euro, managed by the municipality to the residents of the houses under the bridge and elsewhere.

“We have a project that allows us to, in the eight months between the demolition and reconstruction, a new bridge out of steel to have,” he said. To the city in the meantime to relieve the society an alternate route for trucks equipped with a private road from the steel mill Ilva in the port. The highways in the area will no longer be free of charge.

The CEO also said that the administrator of the blame for the collapse could not do, because the causes must be investigated. ‘We do not find that the conditions are there for the need to take responsibility for an event that has yet to be ascertained, ” said the CEO. He and chairman Fabio Cerchiai stressed that the bridge was safe, and approved by everyone that the building has been investigated. ‘Something has happened and it is up to the judiciary to say what, ” said Castellucci.

Castellucci apologized because he doesn’t have enough sympathy with the victims had shown.

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