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You Me At Six: Bastille with a hardcoresausje

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Josh Franceschi of the British indierockers You Me At Six made of the Pukkelpop use to advertise their new album VI, which in October is released: not only was the title metersgroot behind the band, he also wore a jacket with the title. What, in the for a third full Marquee, the following amusing dialogue resulted from passers-by: ‘Who are they that, VI?’ ‘Also never heard of.’

Just to say: a festival like Pukkelpop is a smorgasbord, especially if everyone out of his tent, crawled inside and looking for something to be pleasant, or fast, wake up to be. For the sharp shock is You Me At Six are particularly suitable. The band picks up even with two guitars, an exception these days, and Franceschi s shout, the band has already had a Kerrang! Award completed.

Thirteen in a dozen

But metal you can’t really call: these are pop songs with a hardcoresausje. It was especially during ‘Stay with me’, by the congregation loudly meegebruld. The impression is further enhanced by the fact that Franceschi’s voice is eerily similar to that of Dan Smith of Bastille.
New songs such as ‘3AM’ also go more the direction of a band like Paramore. And was there a stroofje of The Killers’ ‘When you were young’ in ‘Reckless’? Fun in the song is processed, and like the rest very crispy played.

But You Me At Six miss a bit of your own face and have to many songs of thirteen in a dozen. In ‘Bite my tongue’ allows the narrator to a friend:”I hate to break it to you, but you’re just a runaway star… your level isn’t good enough’. Yes, I hate to say it but…

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