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Yellow Days: Good fun little surprise

9c4011433d0e7ac11dbc5b53c92d23d1 - Yellow Days: Good fun little surprise

Interesting distribution in the tent: front troepten the young fans of indie-darling George van den Broek or Yellow Days together, in the back, we saw mainly men over thirty. Even more interesting was that the first group is significantly longer maintained than the slightly older music lovers. That drooped down as the set progressed, and to be honest, we can imagine why.

Yellow Days had one great asset: the voice of George van den Broek. That sounded hoarse and crackled like an old vinyl record. With that outstanding voice, but the Brit put his stamp on the songs, which are unfortunately too much alike to fascinate. One time, we felt that we an echo to hear of Joe Cocker that ‘Summer in the city ” sang – what we had of the Pants that blueskantje of him quite a bit more often allowed to speak.

The slackerpop of Yellow Days is very indebted to that of Mac DeMarco, we remembered when we heard how another languid baslijntje again company got a fine orgeldeuntje. Nice sound to hear, no. Yellow Days brought music where it is good to chill out (snoven we just released a wietgeur?) Only, we had hoped also a bit surprised to be, and that happened to little.

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