WHO expects more ebola cases in Congo

4726fb7448d9a17126811f9b8562678c - WHO expects more ebola cases in Congo

GENEVA – The world health organization (WHO) ‘m not sure if all the people in the northeast of the Congo may have become infected with the deadly dengue fever virus have been identified. That has to do with the oorlogsituatie in parts of the province of Kivu. Practitioners have some dangerous places can not reach.

The WHO says that so far five hundred persons were vaccinated. Since the last outbreak, there are 78 proven and probable cases of infection registered, including 44 patients who died. The medical teams have about 1500 people identified who have had contact with ebola victims.

Spokesman Tarik Jasarevic told Friday not to know or all infectieketens mapped. The virus can, therefore in unknown on line have been transferred. Therefore, he expects an increase in the number of besmettingsgevallen and the sick.

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