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War On Drugs: longer lasting the longest

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Eleven songs on one and a half hour played The War On Drugs. Most bands spend fifteen to seventeen at that time. We, who are of the generation Ramones, find best. Not every song need eight minutes to take.

But well, fifteen minutes after the start, Adam Granduciel had just the third song started, we were yet again filled with admiration, to listen to how beautiful that song, ‘An ocean between the waves’, unfolded. How crystal clear that layers of guitar and keyboards, two pieces of each, to differentiate. How complete we are back in the music were. And how, do not laugh, you always see vast plains is calling for our mind’s eye.

Granduciel fraseerde his words a little less like Bob Dylan than ever before, which is good because it started on a gimmick to seem. And he was limited to songs from his last two albums, A Deeper Understanding of last year and Lost in the Dream of 2014. Some numbers from that last were firmly changed, such as ‘Under the pressure’, that a good portion of jolting sax got from Jon Natchez. That if his saxophone often out.

The spark of Lost In The Dream lacks A Deeper Understanding a bit, if you ask us: nice numbers, but a bit repetitive. And so for too long. While the solo of ‘Red eyes’ even longer allowed to take. Yes, this is oerklassieke folksy gitaarrock, but the top shelf.

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