Venezuelan sister of bridge Genoa ’all years not verified”

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Maracaibo – The second-longest bridge in South America, with the same design as in Genoa collapsed bridge, it appears, has for many years not to be inspected.

The General Rafael Urdaneta bridge spans the entrance to the Maracaibo-more

The General Rafael Urdaneta bridge- just like the bridge in Genoa, designed by architect Riccardo Morandi – spans since 1962 over a length of almost nine kilometres of the access to the Maracaibo lake in Venezuela. The construction of concrete and steel has been around for decades no longer checked, so says a former official in The Times.

Also, there are already long not more checked what the weight is of freight traffic daily on the main road weaves.

About the General Rafael Urdaneta bridge, which is five years earlier gereedkwam than her sister in Genoa, there is the main road connecting port city of Maracaibo to the rest of the country. There is already 11 years working on an alternate route over a second bridge, but that is only for 17 percent ready.

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