Vatican reacts to big scandal US: “Pope is on the side of victims”

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The Vatican feels “shame and sorrow” after a grand jury in the Us state of Pennsylvania 301, priests from different dioceses has been identified which it is plausible that children are abused.

“The abuse that the report is criminal and morally reprehensible’, responds Vatican spokesman Greg Burke. “Victims need to know that the pope is on their side. The Church must be hard to draw lessons from its past, and both those who abuse and commit as abuse, allow, be accountable.’

In Pennsylvania, in the eastern part of the United States, has a onderzoeksjury this week its final report on sexual abuse by the catholic church, published. The final report (more than 1300 pages with appendices) is destructive.

There were at least 1,000 cases of abuse have been identified. So forced a priest, a 9-year-old boy to oral sex, and rinsed his mouth and then with holy water. Children were drugged, manipulated and raped, sometimes right after psychological or medical treatments.

Attorney-general of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro condemned on Tuesday of ” a systematic cover up by the hierarchy, ‘in some cases, even to the Vatican’. According to Shapiro, the revelations by the grand jury the most comprehensive report of child abuse in the church ever in the US.


In that report, is also the name of Albert M. Liberatore, a priest who, in the nineties, at the American College in Leuven, and had studied, and that there afterwards, still occasionally came to visit. That American College, American seminarians to the priesthood, trained, to the school in 2011,.

In december 2002, the bishop of Scranton, a city in Pennsylvania, a letter from the American College in Leuven with a warning about Liberatore. While the priest in Leuven was visiting, he would’ve caught have been while he, obviously drunk, an American seminarian, in his late teens or early twenties’, and took them to his room.

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