Turkish lira gets back clap after US again with sanctions threat

f53f49b343eb87395434363677daa2b9 - Turkish lira gets back clap after US again with sanctions threat

The Turkish lira is Friday morning again, with a 6 percent plunge against the dollar. The new drop comes after the United States, more economic sanctions, promised as Ankara, the American reverend Andrew Brunson not deliver up.

After the lira sat night again 6 percent fell against the dollar, the Turkish currency this year, almost 40 percent lost value. Investors are worried about the growing influence of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan exerts on monetary policy, but especially about the bad relations with the US.

There, declared the minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin during a cabinet meeting to president Donald Trump that new sanctions could come into effect if Andrew Brunson is not released. The American minister in Turkey, go for terrorism, since he tires would have aanstokers of the couppoging in 2016.

“We pay nothing,” president Trump on Twitter about the negotiations around Brunson. “But we’re saving for sure on Turkey!’

Report Standard & Poor’s

Economists call for a long time that Turkey’s interest rates should increase. That makes borrowing more expensive, but would be a cooling of the economy and cause the inflation of the head impressions. It looks, however, is still not that president Erdogan the unpopular measure. He would, on the contrary, the interest to even want to reduce.

The decline of the lira would also partly be a result of investors anticipating a decision of kredietbureau Standard & Poor’s. That comes after the close of the markets Friday with a report on the credit rating of Turkey.

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