Trumps military parade postponed until 2019

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WASHINGTON – The military parade, where president Donald Trump had been requested and that are on the agenda for november this year in Washington has been postponed to 2019. “We originally had a november 10, 2018 scheduled for this event, but we have decided the possibilities for 2019 to investigate”, was a spokesman of the Pentagon, in a statement to know. An official reason for the postponement, the ministry is not given.

Trump had in February of this year, the Pentagon asked for a parade to organize to the American troops to honor, after he in 2017 on the national day military parade in Paris attended.

The White House had in the spring, calculated that the parade between 10 and 30 million dollars it would cost. According to an employee of the ministry, who wanted to remain anonymous, the festivities more than $ 90 million cost.

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