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Trixie Whitley: experiment with goose bumps

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‘No cure for curiosity’, was there on the screens in the Marquee to read for Trixie Whitley, it came. However, she presented in the Marquee at a festival for the curious.

“I love adventure and I get bored quickly’, explained the Belgian-American singer from. ‘So we go a number of tracks from the new album for the first time: you are the first ever earphones to make.’ What followed: the new single ‘Heartbeat’, which floats on an obscure synthbeat, but also the delicious rock songs ‘Time’ and ‘May cannon. Who were never really of the chain, but the impact they had.

In between, reworked Whitley, a considerable part of her established oeuvre. Gospel songs ‘Need your love’ and ‘Breathe you in my dreams’ wrapped around a rhythmic pattern from her Korg synthesizer, and for ‘Closer’ was Whitley the audience, accompanied only by a piano. Correct: goose bumps, that we had on this Pukkelpop has not yet had.

Or that new versions many new souls will win is the question – Whitleys full-term arrangements are rather an asset than ballast. But for the fans that already since Porta Bohemica (2015) waiting on new work, it was a challenging listening session. “Thanks to this experiment with me, to undertake,” said Whitley for addition ‘Dandy’. A politically charged, dream-like single, for which Whitley as herself behind the drums crept. The result: now we are very curious about that new album. And it seems that there is no cure against it.

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