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Tourist LeMC: Back from never been away

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Interesting geographical phenomenon for Tourist LeMC: when the Antwerp-based rapper asked who is there of his county, also began the people that their hand had raised in the other provinces to cheer. If you have a whole tent in a snap of your fingers by zip code can do to change it, you something just to do it.

Tourist is here or there for a break – a trip to the city? A trip around the world? – but the Dance Hall was clearly not yet forgotten. ‘King of love’ and ‘Horizon’ were welcomed as if a whole generation of them grew up on the campfire. You would be the modest-looking John Faes are not that, but the man has, of course, already have a Lotto Arena filled. That may not a lot of Belgian artists at Pukkelpop say.

More podiumprésence and even what gedans

Faes has still to put it mildly, unique interpretation of the klemtoonregels to its rhythms, to beat – a property that it shares with French rappers as Damso and Booba – but worked to his podiumprésence. He crept like a boxer on the stage and put it in the reggaevibe of ‘I think on a’ as in a dance.

But continued to Faes are overwhelming quiet itself: neither the bass from the Boiler Room, nor the shrill acoustic fits of the Dance Hall that his ‘stories from the waaik’ opslokte, could him lead store. Tourist is en route with a mission, turned out at the end: he announced a new album for the 8th of november, and in January, a show in… The Lotto Arena.

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