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Syml: The great feelings

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Brian Fennell, for the occasion, known as Syml, stood in his dead one on the stage of the Lift, which was originally a little large, seemed for the American.

Until he began to sing. Syml, some plates uitheeft with the band Barcelona, has such a room-filling voice like Bon Iver, high and yet powerful. He also revealed a cozy babbler, drawing the audience inpalmde with his stories.

Guide he did, as in Barcelona, mostly on the electric piano, though, there was also an acoustic guitar ready. Symls songs are unashamedly romantic and passionate pianorock. ‘Girl’ is about his daughter of eighteen months, that has a skull surgery has undergone. “I am a lucky man,” said Fennell, ” but I make sad songs. That works for me.” Which he ‘Wildfire’ dedicated to everybody who is hot maybe not down: ‘Because I think that you damn well do, and here must remain.’

Curious to know more

At one point he decided to pursue a Ed Sheeran: only with electric percussion and a loop pedal he released a cover of Lana Del Reys ‘Summertime sadness’ that the roof of the tent several inches did take off. “Thank you my inner dj wanted to meet.’ The pleasure was entirely on our side, Brian.

Known Syml especially of ‘Where’s my love’, that theme was used in the television series Teen Wolf and a hit in Canada and … Belgium. Then we had to wait until the end, but nobody is accused. Syml has no album out, and the set (ten songs of which two covers, because even the classic ‘Mr Sandman’ passed in review) was short, but we are very curious to know more.

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