Swiss nationality is denied to couple who refused to shake hands with

A naturalisatiecomité in Lausanne has rejected an islamic couple to naturalize that Swiss nationality had requested. The couple had refused to shake hands with and answering questions from persons of the other sex.

“When the nationality of a country wants, one must still join in the observance of the legal order, and in the equality between man and woman,” says Grégoire Junod, the mayor of Lausanne.

The couple, whose nationality was not disclosed, was in the spring heard, but the decision is only Friday published. According to the members of the naturalisatiecomité refused the man and his wife to the hand to give to people of the opposite sex and they were also reluctant to answer the questions of someone of the other gender.

Mayor Pierre-Antoine Hildbrand, who was present at the interrogation of the couple, said that he is “extremely satisfied” with the decision. “I take full responsibility for that, I have proposed that the naturalization to refuse. The constitution and the equality between men and women prevail’, he added.

The couple has forty days in which to appeal against the decision.

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