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Sudan Archives: Ingeborg in the wings

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A little hip pop star sails in which theatricality and a well-considered vestimentaire choice, the Sudan Archives have thought of. The new American candy from the indie-r&b in the Castello in a snow-white pants and a bikini wrapped, around which they a sheet drapeerde that they are from a Roman temple seemed to have disappeared.

When they are on the ethereal viooltonen that her concert what saaiig marked a graceful zonnechant began to run, we expected every moment that Ingeborg from the wings would jump to her chakra into balance.

In its place came, fortunately, a beat that the floaty viooluithalen with neck skin grip. Brittney Parks, such as Sudan Archives really hot, is classically trained, but has also picked up West African fiddlespelers and r&b innovators genre FKA twigs, plays just as happily with blistering dubstep if with spiritual songs from the Sub-Sahara. With a sampler, a micro and a violin klutste they all onbeschroomd by each other.

Hypnotic stuff

A pity that they are not a band, because it sounded challenging avant-r&b still a bit one-dimensional. When the pieces of the puzzle well fit into each other, provided Parks you quite hypnotic stuff. As in ‘Nont for sale’, a cry for freedom, which she wrote after a trip to Ghana and where they rapte on a deep, buzzing bass line that your hips are naturally in motion. Or with her lazy soulstem intoxicated culthitje ‘Come meh way’, with its graceful oriental violet and knisperige electronic percussion.

Sudan Archvives’ future is probably in tracks such as ‘Sink’, in which she is the dark electronic grooves what more uitspeelde and its sometimes a little too flashy laughing violin tighter in the only go. Now you could get there snakes along exorcise, but a festivaltent not yet.

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