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Steak Number Eight: Their farewell if that’s the cost

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‘Tomorrow, we go to the studio to make new music,” said Steak Number Eight-frontman Brent Vanneste in a full Marquee. And yet, we were the second to last show of the West-Flemish sludgemetalband to look. Qué?

Ten years after their victory in Humo’s Rock Rally, the group decided namely the power plug from the project to withdraw. Or at least from the name: who did the band every time they the guitars on names reminiscent of Vannestes deceased brother, who once a song with that name was recorded. The wound at each show to re-open tear was too much for a band that so all the bottom of the emotional barrel scrapes.

New name

And so is Steak under a new, tentative, unknown name – which we presumed to know when their absolute final concert, on november 2, in Advance. But, because “Your soul deserves to die twice’, blew them candles out on Pukkelpop. They did that with a set that heavily resembled that of last year, in exactly the same place, at about the same time. Only Vanneste looked somewhat different: he now had a nose ring above his mustache dangle.

It bore only the image of the roaring bull during ‘Black eyed’ and a mokerend ‘Gravity giants’. At that last number increased fireballs from the stage, as if it still was not hot enough in the sauna of the Marquee. Later followed fireworks and black confetti: the farewell was obviously some cost. But all the frills to the contrary: it seemed to be the last song to last for Vanneste in his characteristic, schuimbekkende trance himself and tierend the public in threw. Perhaps it is the emotional wick of these songs are effectively burned out. But the barrel is fixed is still not empty.

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