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Sophie: A glimpse at Sophie’s world

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A ‘whole new world’, announced Sophie while she the Castello in a strange, bubbly elektronicabad onderdompelde. Synths were verhakkeld by glycerinebommetjes with distorted beats, as if you were in a botsautopark at the end of the Styx was to come. It is one of the most intriguing tracks on her recently published debut, Oil, or every pearl’s un-insides, which the Scottish for the first time itself sings and flourishes as the woman she always wanted to be.

Behind the über trendy producer is Samuel Long hidden, a few years back his nose to the window, quick, kaalgeschraapte elektropopsongs. Then he was allowed to, and in the meantime so they, tracks from Charli XCX and Madonna hands. And raw electronics of Vince Staples’ ‘Yeah right’? Signed Sophie. But she wrapped always in a haze of mystery. Until now.

A pity that you are Coming only a glimpse at the contours of her hair and the silhouette of her dress was, her elektronicalabo remained the entire time shrouded in darkness. They also had no band with the futuristic pop songs of her debut album to life could bring. Sophie turned to buttons, carpentry lot of her songs, and threw a hefty housebeat (jolijt of the danslustigen that of the Boiler Room, were down.

Final ecstasy

A beautiful verleidingstruc, and then they take them back to the tent uitjoeg with monstrously distorted, vocal, avant-garde freaking and dark subbassen which, according to the man on the left of us ‘were good for the digestion’.

Culthitje ‘Take me to Dubai,’ she teasing again and again from each other are crumbling, but with ‘Immaterial’, in which they are the building blocks of Madonna’s classic “Material girl” by each other threw, she brought everyone final in ecstasy. Fine, but next time we want really a human being of flesh and blood.

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