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Sofi Tukker The new macarena is out there!!!

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How do you get a tent full of tired partygoers to dance at two o’clock in the afternoon, when out of the radiant sunshine and katerverdrijvend pizza-breakfast beckon? By doing what the New York danceduo Sofi Tukker and did you attract nothing of that early hour and act as though it is already ten o’clock in the evening and the party a half hour ago should start.

The beats that this duo had meegebacht, fit into the category of ‘oldskool’. Sofi Tukker has listened very well to the kind of dancepop that in the nineties prevailed. ‘Batshit’ was indebted to Right Said Fred, and Tucker Halpern (because that’s the male half of social security Tukker in real life) repeated that distorted baritonstemmetje in the valve ‘Best friend’.


And then their dance was yet to come. For those who thought that Macarena-states permanently dismissed and had such an easy dance that anyone can run works still, though. It was something with vingerwijzen and side-stepping and hand-waving, and the blonde boy that Sophie Hawley-Weld (because that’s the female half of social security Tukker in real life) on the stage had asked her to dance, sat with his leg in plaster but polite nevertheless the time of his life.

The time of your life on a sunny Friday afternoon in August, thanks to two New Yorkers that the best gave of themselves: how great is that? What a wonderfully positive and exciting concert!

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