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So many deserve the best-paid actress in the world

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The American Scarlett Johansson (33) is the highest paid actress in the world, according to the business magazine Forbes. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are on the second and third place.

Scarlett Johansson punch Oscarwinnares Emma Stone of the throne. With 40.5 million dollars (or 36.6 million euro), she is the highest paid actress of the past year, according to business magazine Forbes.

The Avengers-movies, in which Johansson’s role of Black Widow plays, largely for the American actress on one state, and that they are more earned than Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

Jolie cashte the past year, 28 million dollars (24.6 million euros) and that high amount is mainly due to the production of Maleficent 2. Jennifer Aniston earned especially with commercial work, for example, Emirates Airline, 19.5 million dollar (or 17.2 million euros).

It is notable that Emma Stone this year not in the top ten, and that 60 percent of the list consists of actresses over forty years.

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