Scottish region share free tampons from

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In North Ayrshire will soon be free of tampons and sanitary towels. The Scottish region is in the process of ‘housing poverty’ (free: menstruation-poverty) reduction. A first for the United Kingdom.

The proposal was submitted by mp Monica Lennon (Labour). They are campaigning for free access to hygiene products. Research shows that many Scottish women and girls struggling to the products themselves to purchase. Some girls would be doing this several days per month not to school dare to go. A study by Plan International UK revealed that up to 45% of the respondents ever needed was a sanitary napkin to improvise from socks or newsprint.

The council of North Ayshire approved the proposal today, and will be free tampons and pads available. This is done through vending machines in public toilets, for example, in universities, libraries, and community centres. The government set all free hygiene products available in secondary schools.

Founder Monica Lennon states that it is a basic right. “This is a further step towards the equality between man and woman, girls may not be a school day missed because they are their rules.” Also in the rest of the United Kingdom is work to be done: 1 in 10 women suffer from menstrual poverty.

Scotland plays a leading role in addressing the issues. “It is revolutionary that the government of this problem, to directly address by itself, products to distribute,” said Gabby Edlin, CEO and founder of the organization Bloody Good Period. “If no one on the subject of talk, dare girls not to ask for help. It is a human right.’ Also national plan on the table that would allow for the free distribution of products all over Scotland.

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