Sanctions, U.S. against Myanmar for human rights

297399b3f2b571023b4212ec30bde319 - Sanctions, U.S. against Myanmar for human rights

WASHINGTON – The United States new sanctions issued against four Myanmarezen and two infantry divisions of the army of the Asian country. According to Washington, they have been guilty of violations of human rights against the islamic population is Rohingya.

The measures are issued by the U.s. treasury. Of the four individuals are the foreign assets are frozen and Americans and US companies should not do business with these persons and the legerdivisies.

Almost 700,000 Rohingya fled last year, Myanmar. Security forces of that country said that they have an operation against the Rohingya were started as a response to attacks by insurgents of the group. The Rohingya were placed in camps in neighbouring Bangladesh, where conditions are very bad.

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