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Rejjie Snow: Charming yo-yo

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He comes from Dublin, but that you hear it. The rapaccent of Rejjie Snow sounds quintessentially American. Except when he is in the singing in French, as in ‘Désolé’, which he pronounces as ‘dèssowleej’. Cute, and it fits somewhere also in the persona of the fijnbesnaarde ‘lover man’ that Snow happy to accept it.

That liefdesman got his best slow jams, top to the public in the Elevator to seduce and to please. Mission soon to be a success: Snow got, when he got there to early, immediately a big ‘hell yeah!’ from the crowd, and during the ‘Egyptian luvr ” roared many a pair of the phrase,”I want you to stay forever’. That is a fine sentence to counter your sweet to say.

Nice dirty trapbeat

Rejjie snow’s trademark is warm soulvonk that tracks stirs, but he proved he is also not averse to a nice dirty trapbeat. From there it was all the way back to a funky slowjam à la The Roots. That were quite far from each other obvious influences, which makes this sometimes more of a dj set-like than a coherent concert.

Someone had also forgotten to tell that he was in Hasselt. But ‘Brussels’, showed that his heart and danced happily.

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