Qatar is generous for Turkey, but does that not just

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Qatar promises $ 15 billion directly into the economy to pump. That does not, of course, disinterested. Even the world cup of 2022 will play a role.

A somewhat unexpected third party has Wednesday night mixed in the economic war between Turkey and the United States. Qatar will be the faltering Turkish economy by 15 billion euros to invest in Turkey.

It seems a strange turn of events, but Dries Lesage, professor of International Politics (university of Ghent) , looks not on. ‘Qatar and Turkey draw in the last fifteen years, often together.’

So reached Turkey, together with Iran, the oliestaat last year the hand at a difficult moment. Qatar saw its import of food complicated by a handelsboycot, imposed by Saudi Arabia and allies, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Which in turn was a response to the fact that Qatar sympathy was shown for the muslim brotherhood, according to Saudi-Arabia and co an organization that terrorism works.

Qatar has the Turks now so a return is proved. By openly party to choose for the Turks bump up the Americans against the chest. They have in Qatar, after all, their largest military base in the Middle East. In addition, there are also six American universities in Qatar.

World cup in sight

Nevertheless, Qatar’s interest in this strategic choice. The country has the future all construction projects are on the programme, a large part of it is in the character of the soccer world cup in 2022 in the emirate is taking place. Here the Turks sometimes play an important role for the Qatarezen. “The Turkish construction industry all the good in the foreign country. Also in Russia, for example, confirmed Lesage of Ghent university to The Standard.

Already two years to meet Turkish and Qatari companies in Qatar during a trade show that the mutual cooperation should be strengthen between the two countries. The third edition is scheduled for early next year. Last year there were 150 Turkish companies. The fair attracted more than three thousand professionals and ten thousand Qatarezen.

The Turkish companies are then surely with a broad smile and went home. Turkish Trade minister Bülent Tüfenkçi spoke plain language to the second meeting in January: “The prime minister of Turkey has promised me that Qatar will give preference to bids from Turkish companies. I hope you will be interested in ongoing projects in Qatar.’

“Our trade volume with Qatar klokte last year at nine billion dollars. Our president Erdogan is striving this year to a turnover of eight trillion dollars, sounded during his speech. ‘Together with our companies, I think we the goal of our president.’

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