Putin for dialogue to Merkel

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BERLIN/MOSCOW – The Russian president vladimir Putin speaks Saturday German chancellor Angela Merkel in her official country residence, the castle of Meseberg, north of Berlin. This dialogue is the first thing that they in Germany keep since the relations are cooling off somewhat in 2014 after the Russian annexation of the Crimea and the rebellion in the east of Ukraine. Merkel began in march, on her fourth reign and Putin is in the same month was re-elected. In may visited Merkel and Putin in Sochi.

Archive photo of a meeting between Putin and Merkel. on may 18, 2018.

Merkel appeared at the time as one of the fiercest critics of Putin for the annexation of the Crimean peninsula. But in recent months there has been more and more contact between Moscow and Berlin. According to observers, is that, among others, by the American foreign policy, which under the fickle Trump traditional allies of Washington, until despair drives.

A topic of discussion is the pipeline Nord Stream 2 for Russian gas via the Baltic sea to Germany flows. Trump has the pipelines, recently portrayed as a tool for the Kremlin, the Germans in the hold, and he was threatened with sanctions. Merkel and Putin want to continue and see if it is gas, via Ukraine is transported, a role in their approaches can play.

Putin’s popularity affected

Putin’s popularity is now being affected by serious economic problems, where western sanctions over the Crimea a major cause of. The summit, Merkel and Putin will, according to German media did not immediately come up with solutions for conflicts over Ukraine or Syria, but the two works with speed advances. Over four weeks, for a visit of the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov to Berlin is planned. And Putin would be in October, again in Germany for the marriage of his friend Gerhard Schröder, the former chancellor.

On the road to Meseberg goes Putin Saturday to the southeast of Austria for the wedding of minister of Foreign Affairs Karin Kneissl. According to media in Vienna, brings Putin a group of musicians who kozakkenmuziek at this location will bring.

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