Pukkelpop brings art to young people in cooperation with seven museums and ARTtube

d29a94e738c7fa73ba8f7da5662b6252 - Pukkelpop brings art to young people in cooperation with seven museums and ARTtube

Pukkelpop has together with seven museums and the Dutch ARTtube the forces in the art project #PKP18ART. Spread throughout the festival can festival-goers young artists, performers and designers to discover. The flemish minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open Vld) spent today along with festival organiser Chokri Mahassine, a visit to the Think Thank on Pukkelpop.

Visitors can not only acquainted with art but also participate in numerous design and kunstinterventies spread throughout the festival grounds. Pukkelpop wants young people so hot for art, with, for example, artistic mindfulness in the Think Tank by ARTtube, a Triptent and Cinema ARTtube.

Festival organiser Chokri Mahassine hopes that, Among the experiment to the rest of Flanders and Belgium can communicate. “The goal of this unique cooperation is to young people, for whom the threshold to a museum sometimes too high, to bring them into contact with art in a familiar environment”, says festival organiser Chokri Mahassine. “We bring two worlds together that don’t know each other, so it is not as simple as that.”

Also the Flemish minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open Vld) welcomes the initiative that the support of the Flemish government – is increasing. “ARTtube, the seven museums and Pukkelpop have to work together to find a way to get young people to experience and participate in art and culture,” says Gatz. “That way, we hope the bond between young people and museums to strengthen.”

The partners want the unique project in the future to further expand. “We see it as a learning cycle. We want to our modest but ambitious drafting,” says Peter Aerts, head of marketing and communication of the Ghent SMAK. “Young people are Coming are very curious, but we were looking for a way to get museums to translate to the site.”

In the Think Thank by ARTtube, visitors can participate in “Seeing With Our Ears’ of Cornelis Serves. Visitors listen blindfolded to the speakers, which is a scenario at the art sketches. The listeners must use their individual imagination to the art. Afterwards, the blindfolds off and the participants can have their version with the artwork to compare.

ARTtube is the online video platform about art and design from leading museums and art institutions from the Netherlands and Belgium. The seven museums that meet the unique partnership participate, the Brakke grond, FOMU, M HKA, antwerp, MOMU, Museum M, MUSEUM and MUNCH.

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