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Nick Murphy: it’s gold and it glitters

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Used to be his stage name Chet Faker, and, in that capacity, he scored the hit ‘Gold’, a minimalist neo-soulpareltje that the Australian status of promise upgraded to that of established value. Today he performed under his own name Nick Murphy.

However, ‘Gold’ early in the set was over. A charm offensive to the public in advance for them to win, had we initially. Because of the reviews of his first performance as Nick Murphy and the associated musical turn, were not certain about the superlatives. “You’ll feel his laborious quest for a new sound,” she said. That new sound to the older and better the sound gets in the way, was here and there also suggested.

It must be that Murphy himself since the beginning of his shift to a new musical palette a kick in the ass given and worked hard on his livesound, because of moeizaamheid was tonight in the Club whatsoever. His biggest hit so soon in the set to throw, he said in fact: but wait, because I have much more beauty in store. That he had also. The new songs were much more in the synthpophoek than in r&b-regions, so the Chet Faker songs such waypoints arrangement fitted got. So sounded ‘1998’ soulvol like it’s from 1978 came, set the whole tent on a dancing when the discofunk of ” The trouble with us’ is a way to our hips opened and it was a feast of recognition to complete after the first notes of ‘Talk is cheap’ resounded.

Murphy was totally absorbed in his music; he bent over his keyboard as a chemieprofessor about his test tubes and left to hear that his enviable flawless soulstem certainly still the core of his songs. A pity that his solopassage at the piano is drowned out by chattering in the tent and the thumping bass from the nearby dancetenten, but that was then that you wondered: when can we get this talent even in the more intimate setting of a concert hall at work?

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