New single Molly, Oscar Harris & the Bandit!

a7a2a12f0015def1656aff2c34a5ea30 - New single Molly, Oscar Harris & the Bandit!

On 11 november 2018 to commemorate Belgium, France, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Newfoundland, South Africa, Portugal and the United States of America, the fact that one hundred years ago the “Great War”, 1914-1918, ended.
Every war, no matter how large or small there are, in fact, only losers. Over thirty five million victims, including the soldiers and citizens, were there to lament on the allied and central side.
On the numerous cemeteries and erevelden everywhere in Europe are the silent witnesses. The white stones forms an infinitely long row as in the gelid standing soldiers, a sad herinning to those terrible years.
Music by all the wars around always occupied an important place. It caused a bit of something to hold in fearful days. For soldiers and civilians brought singers sometimes a glimmer of hope and made sure, the moral high. So it was in the war and so it still today. Everywhere in the world, there are trouble spots and standing armies facing each other. And also now there are new victims.
Specially to all soldiers and citizens to remember to bring Molly, Oscar Harris and the Bandit, plays a musical tribute. That we must not forget.

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