New single Ellis

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Each Taelman won in 2012 the “Muziekklas” at Radio 2 and then she brings a number of Flemish, successful singles on the market. In 2017, she chose a new name and a totally different way in showbizzland. Her heart is, indeed, the country-pop style. She works together with Jo Cassiers on a number of new songs. Meanwhile, she released “Bring Me Back” and “Heartache” on the market. The songs are very well received by the radios.
The successor of “Heartache” is ready! “Nashville Here I Come” is an upbeat number, and it gives meaning to dance!
“Nashville Here I Come” is written by Jo Cassiers and Nathan Osmond. Yes …Nathan is the cousin of Mary and Donny Osmond. He spent his youth on the set of the Mary & Donny Osmond show, where his uncle, aunt and his father saw. In the meantime, Nathan, a popular singer – songwriter in the country environment in the United States. Nathan and Jo are a perfect match and guarantee this clever piece of music.

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