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Nakhane: Music about his difficult path in life

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Nakhane came in a bright red outfit, which the fervour of his message nicely underlined. That message was one of love and empathy.

‘Care for another’ bore the South African us with fluisterstem on the heart, after which he again one of his soul-soaked chansons supported. ‘Clairvoyant’ was such a number that our board is also all of the neck skin grip and that now again did. ‘I look to you’ cried Nakhane and he stretched that ‘you’ nice and long out – hypnotic voices such as that of him you hear, but rarely.

Although he is a striking podiumoutfit chose, remained Nakhane away from the grand gesture. Timid would we be podiumprésence not to mention, rather subdued. And yet very present. As a person and artist, he has, despite his young age, already struggle to deliver. Which readiness to fight was palpable in his songs, in his voice and in his self-confident attitude.

Homophobia and death threats

Nakhane fled the homophobic catholic community in which he grew up, outte themselves as gay, and refers since in his music constantly to the difficult path of life that he by these choices should take – he received even death threats. Still sounded Nakhane today, never bitter, but always warm and full of compassion.

His audience was not numerous, but full of attention. Rightly so, because your full attention, that was the least of what this intrepid artist gift could give.

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